Terms of use
the champupyourlife.com website

The website champupyourlife.com is operated by Josef Mayer (Acherstra├če 8, 5121 St. Radegund, Austria) as service provider, media owner and publisher (hereinafter “JM”).

1) Use of the website is free of charge.

2) JM reserves the right to discontinue or restrict the services offered without notice.

3) Users of JM have the opportunity to write comments. The user has no right to have his comments published.

4) JM reserves the right not to publish comments without giving reasons and without notification, or to remove or delete comments already published from the website. The user is liable for ensuring that the comments he/she provides do not infringe any competition, trademark, personal, copyright or other rights of a third party. The user is responsible for the authorisation to publish his or her content on champupyourlife.com.

5) The user undertakes not to send comments,

– which are offensive, indecent, indecent, indecent or racist

– that cause disruption, interruption or excessive strain on champupyourlife.com;

– promote or incite or constitute any form of violence against groups or individuals;

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– contain passwords and electronic keys that are not public;

– ask other users to provide passwords, electronic keys or personal data;

– contain links to websites that violate these rules of conduct;

– contain information and/or data concerning the highly personal sphere of people’s lives;

– insult and threaten individuals or groups;

– contain untrue content about individuals or groups;

– have been generated by automatic scripts or programs (bots);

– violates contractual or other rights of third parties;

– could impair the functionality of hardware and software;

– violate the applicable laws and regulations of Austria.

6) The user grants JM a right of use to the comments posted by the user to the extent that JM may publish the comments in its own print and online media and that JM’s cooperation partners may publish the content on their websites.

7) The user shall bear all costs incurred by JM due to an infringement of third party rights in connection with comments provided by the user. This also includes the costs for legal defence. All further rights and claims for damages by JM against the user shall remain unaffected.

8) Users and affected persons who feel their rights have been violated by a comment are asked to report these potential interventions to JM at the email address info@champupyourlife.com.

9) JM shall not be liable for the availability of JM’s service, nor for its own actions or those of its vicarious agents (with the exception of personal injury), unless these were caused by gross negligence. JM shall also not be liable for data loss. Compensation for damages of any kind arising from third-party claims shall be excluded.

10) All content published on JM is protected by copyright. Any use of the content published on JM, even in part, requires the written consent of JM.

11) JM is not liable for the storage, transmission or correct display of comments provided by users. Furthermore, JM accepts no liability for the topicality, correctness or quality of the content displayed.

13) The work, including all its texts, videos and audios, is protected by copyright. Any use outside the narrow limits of the copyright law without the consent of JM is prohibited and punishable by law. This applies in particular to duplication, translation, microfilming and storage and processing in electronic systems.

14) All information, results etc. contained on this website have been prepared by JM to the best of its knowledge. They are provided without any obligation or guarantee. It is merely information and does not constitute any guarantee of success in the application of the information provided. JM therefore accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies, undesirable results or damage.

15) The reproduction of common names, trade names, product designations etc. in this work does not entitle the user to assume, even without special labelling, that such names are to be regarded as free within the meaning of trademark and brand protection legislation and may therefore be used by anyone.

16) Austrian law applies. The UN Sales Convention is excluded. In the event of disputes, the court with local and substantive jurisdiction for St. Radegund shall be called upon.

17) The data protection regulations apply, which can be read at www.champupyourlife.com/datenschutz. This constitutes an integral part of these terms of use.